7 – Mission Accomplished

That was the paper I received after calling a mobile crisis unit on myself on 4/10/2016 because I was having a difficult couple of days.  I was in Tucson at the time as I was trying to get a lawsuit started but was getting nowhere.  I ended up sleeping in my car for 8-10 days as I was not leaving pima county without something in the civil system so I could hold the assholes that screwed me accountable for their actions.

The paper states that I was homeless with the goal of finding housing.  The action was to call men’s shelters for availability.  It lists three men’s shelters for me to call.  It also states that “member would like to find an attorney to take his lawsuit.”  I did not stay in a men’s shelter, but I did call one of them two days later because I was hungry and hadn’t eaten going on two days.  I picked up two ham sandwiches the next morning.

The following day after picking up two ham sandwiches I called 911 on myself.  I was tired and hungry and needed to regroup to continue my pursuit.  Three Tucson PD officers responded and one of them took me to a crisis center.  I stayed the night there and left the next day.  I was able to get some sleep, eat three meals, and take a shower.

I had been working on filing a lawsuit almost as soon as I returned to Kentucky in June of 2014, but I was getting absolutely nowhere.  The problem as I have referred to many times is the lack of money to hire help.  I contacted tens of law firms, contacted the ACLU of arizona twice, contacted the ACLU of Kentucky once, and sent letters via certified mail to the governor of arizona, the arizona attorney general, and the late Senator McCain.  The governor did not respond and the attorney general did not respond.  McCain did respond but would not get involved as he cited separation of powers.

So, it became painfully evident that I was going to have to do this on my own so I worked at the same factory that I did before for 2.5 years and returned to the scene where my life was destroyed for no reason.  I arrived in late February 2016.

I blogged about my experience and all hell broke loose almost as soon as I arrived.  Someone notified the pima county sheriff’s department that was back in town and I was contacted by the PCSD and willingly, again, met with them but this time I demanded it be in a public setting.  The PCSD monitored my entire stay.

I was getting nowhere when I was in pima county as well.  I was trying everything I could think of to get some assistance, but it wasn’t happening.

I finally made a breakthrough in late April when I somehow got connected to a Special Agent with the Special Investigations Section of the Criminal Division with the arizona attorney general in which I kept all communications.  He contacted my defense attorney and then pointed me in the right direction to sue the sheriff’s department and the lead investigator.  At some point he suggested that I check the news in pima county as pima county just lost a $1.25 million case for constitutional rights violations by the sheriff’s department.  (Yes, the same attorney that won that did not agree that the federal case should have been dismissed by judge zapata.)  The agent obviously knew there was constitutional rights issues in the criminal case but the most he could is point me in the right direction which was good enough to me going.

I filed the notice of claim in early May.   I filed the “complaint” on 6/5/2016, served pima county, then returned to Kentucky having accomplished my objective.  My legal work was terrible but that would be expected as I had no experience or education.  It was so bad that the clerk had me write Complaint on the cover page and circle it.  So be it at least something was in the civil system so I could pursue justice.

I battled in the arizona legal system and took it all the way to the arizona supreme court.  Pima county hired a good lawyer with a lot of experience.  I had no chance against him, but I took him on anyway and learned a lot during that time.  Pima county was aware of what transpired in 2014 but chose to defend instead of taking responsibility.

I filed in federal court as soon as the state case was concluded and took it all the way, but the united states screwed me as well.

When I graduated college, I wanted to do something to try to make a positive contribution to society, but I had no idea what do.  I graduated with a major in finance and a minor in organizational communication.

My first job was with a smaller institutional investment firm that later merged with INVESCO.  I learned a lot during my time there.  The people I worked with were nice and there were advancement opportunities, but that part of the finance industry just didn’t interest me.  What I really wanted to do was work with individuals and families in the lower to upper middle class.  For the most part those folks, especially on the lower end, cannot afford to make financial mistakes like high net worth people can and still retire very comfortably which is doable but they need help from honest advisors.

Sometime around 2003-2004 I attended a seminar which advertised itself as advisors working with regular middle America.  I was appalled at what I witnessed.  The firm was citigroup and the only thing that was talked about was how much money these “advisors” could make.  There was no mention of the wellbeing of consumers.  Consumers were essentially targets of opportunity.  The less a target knew about anything finance related the more money that could be made off them.

These people weren’t advisors.  They were salespeople.  One mention during the recruitment was that people that worked in jewelry industry did well at this job.  That’s because they work off commissions.  These people had no business advising anyone on anything.  They were not educated in the field.  They just pass easy tests so they are licensed to screw people.

I was so curious as to what it would be like for the average consumer that is not financially savvy, which most people aren’t as it just doesn’t come naturally, to meet with one of them.  My Mom agreed to let me give one of them a “referral.”  Of course, I gave her strict instructions not to do anything with this guy.  It went as expected.  The guy was aggressive and tried to sell products to her that she didn’t need as well as convert her mortgage and so on.  She could have been a victim if she was meeting with him in a real-world setting.  I guess I should’ve apologized to him for wasting three hours of his life.

In 2006 I decided to venture out on my own to pursue my passion.  I was single and had no children, so I was free to do as I please.  Also, my first nephew was born around that time.  It was kind of a wakeup call for me.  I felt sorry for him, and all the kids, as they were being screwed.  This planet is a disaster and the united states government is knowingly leaving them massive problems that they are going to have to deal with.  It’s unfathomable to actually be comfortable doing that to future generations of united states citizens but that is exactly what they do.  There is no sugar coating it.

So, I decided I was going to max out my abilities whatever that was.  I was not going to contribute to screwing these kids.  I knew I was good with personal finance and that seemed to be a logical start.  I attained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation which is the top credential in the financial planning field and after that was accepted into the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) as a “provisional member” as I lacked the full three years of financial planning experience.  NAPFA is the premier financial planning organization in the country.  I had to submit a financial plan for peer review to make sure I actually knew what the hell I was doing as well as agree to a fiduciary standard.  I didn’t need to agree to a fiduciary standard as I already abided by that.

I made more than my fair share of mistakes along the way, but I rebounded every time.

As difficult as the 2014 case was and the aftermath of that as my life was destroyed causing me to start my life over again, it was also an opportunity.  The only thing I should need to prove to a jury in the civil case is that the due process clause of the 14th amendment was violated.  I know the people that are responsible, plus other unknown parties, as their names all over the documents.

What is the point of the due process clause if it cannot be enforced?  The united states directly told me through their actions in the federal civil case that those are only words with no real basis as that clause is applicable to every united states citizen with no exceptions.  To reinforce this is that the accusation was already made prior to the civil case so this wasn’t something brand new.

I took it all the way by myself in the arizona court system and the federal court system.  Pima county, the state of arizona, and the united states do not intimidate me.  I challenged them all.  My max was not reached but there is nothing more I can do.  Tens of people owe me an apology for this debacle and these fools owe me millions of dollars.

My mission is accomplished.  My hands are clean.